Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soooo, Nashville?!

Chances are that most of you are not cave dwellers and you are probably in tuned with the vibe of Nashville....also likely that you have seen this recent article, Forbes article on Nashville. Well, it's no surprise at all if you have spent much time here and I have mixed opinions about all the exposure, quite frankly.

All of that aside, what this does tell me is that Nashville Real Estate and Construction, which has seen a recent uptick, will keep that momentum in the near future. Some of the things local homeowners can do to take advantage of this turn around is stay aware of homes listed in your neighborhood, make necessary repairs and seize the opportunity to remodel your home with low interest rates and active buyers in the marketplace. If you have projects that you want done around your house, now is definitely the time to make those happen.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Stop Avoiding and Start Doing!!

So the New Year came and went and all the while you ate too much, spent time with family members you rarely see and received a few more sweaters & shirts you will never wear. There's probably a good chance that you didn't pay any attention to the house you were in and all the repairs that it's been needing for a VERY long time.

Don't worry, that's why I'm here, to point out the little things about your home before they become BIG problems down the road. When I set out to establish goals and plans (I don't use the term "resolutions") for my year, I always include a section for my home. This causes me to actually think about what I want and need instead of "Finding" a problem later. This year I am finishing a personal project, building a flagstone patio, with my two sons. As some of you may know, a project with children is always an interesting experience, so planning it is key. In your situation, you may not know what you need or when you need to do it, so I made you a quick check list to follow at different times throughout the year.

The Home Check List

·        - Garbage Disposal-clean out with hot water and natural cleaning solution like baking soda
·         -Clean out debris in all sink drains and stoppers
·         -Change the air filter in your HVAC return
·         -Wipe down any debris in the Range Hood

Every 3 Months
·         -Vacuum out the floor grills from the HVAC lines
·       -  Clean out debris from any drain grates outside
·         -Visual inspection of the exterior of the home for any noticeable issues (water spots on siding or brick, debris     backups in gutters, tree limbs on roof, etc.)

·        - Check Batteries in all smoke detectors and replace as needed
·        - Inspect toilets for any leaking
·        - Re-Caulk around bathtubs, windows, showers as needed
·        - Inspect roof for any damage, debris or missing shingles
·         -Clean out gutters and downspouts to avoid backups and water damage
·         -Inspect any storage sheds, barns or outbuildings on the property
·        - Inspect electrical panel for any frayed or damaged wiring
·         -Check hoses on the clothes washer for wear and tear. Replace as needed
·         -Clean out Clothes dryer vent to remove all lint
·         -Inspect plumbing under sinks for any leaks. Tighten pipes or call plumber to repair any damage or leaking

·         -Inspect outdoor water spigots, disconnect hoses and protect with insulation for the winter
·         -Inspect storm windows and storm doors. Re-caulk and Weatherstrip if needed
·         -Inspect siding or brick exterior for staining or cracking mortar. Clean or repair as needed
·         -Check Batteries in all smoke detectors and replace as needed
·         -Inspect roof for any damage, debris or missing shingles
·         -Clean out gutters and downspouts to avoid backups and water damage
·         -Check hoses on the clothes washer for wear and tear. Replace as needed
·         -Clean out Clothes dryer vent to remove all lint
·         -Inspect plumbing under sinks for any leaks. Tighten pipes or call plumber to repair any damage or leaking
·         -Check Thermostat: clean contact points, heat sensor, replace to digital thermostat if needed
·         -HVAC Tuneup
·         -Inspect Chimney for any cracks, debris or bird nests 

F   Follow this Check List and you will save yourself a whole bunch of trouble. If you need help with anything, call us at 615.385.3210.....It's what we do!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What does Madonna & Remodeling have in Common?

 I know it's a Monday morning and maybe your coffee hasn't kicked in completely, but can you think of what the similarities are between Madonna & Home Remodeling?

Not That.....we aren't putting cones on top of a house, but Madonna has had an amazing ability to reinvent herself over the years. She changes her style, her look, her hair. Your home can be done the same way just by stepping back and allowing your current needs to be implemented. So many families start in a house that works well but as they grow it gets cramped or their living style changes and the house stays the same.

If you have been in your home for at least five years, the chances are pretty good that you need a change somewhere....It's time to pull a Madonna!

So here are 5 steps you can take on your road to reinventing your Home:

1. TAKE 30 MINUTES-walk all over your house with an objective eye, look for patterns & write them down. Entry points into the home, are there piles of stuff in certain locations, do you get frustrated with lack of electrical outlets, storage, etc.
2. GET A HAIRCUT-not a real one, but go through your home and de-clutter what you do not need. Old papers, the fridge door (this can make it seem much cleaner), take stuff to the Goodwill, put the books away, get rid of appliances you never use, etc.
3. GATHER OUTSIDE IDEAS-grab a home magazine, open a Pinterest account if you don't already have one and look at home ideas, find a perfect paint color at the local paint store or ask your family what they would change about the house if they could.
4. SET A BUDGET-there are many things you can do on a shoestring budget to reinvent your home, like new rugs, paint a room or buy a piece of furniture that changes the look of a room. If the changes you are wanting to make seem more significant, you can do them too.
5. CALL A RE-INVENTOR-if you are wanting to make big changes like adding electrical outlets, build a deck, add on a master suite, then that is when you want someone with major expertise. What seems like a dream for you is what Remodeling professionals do everyday.

Now get out there and take action like Madge and get to changing your image!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paralysis by Analysis

An election year can create all types of emotion within people....excitement, nervous anticipation, fear, anxiety....but it also puts many of us in information overload. Polls telling us what's important or who is telling the truth or how big of a difference the fluctuation in the Euro is affecting the price of milk in your refrigerator. Match that info with reports on Real Estate and foreclosure details and home sales in your zipcode and what's the result.....Paralysis by Analysis!!

What if it were really simple? What if your environment didn't include everyone else's opinion? Well, it can! Have you ever dreamed of how you would or could remodel your home? Do you have a "My Dream Home" board on Pinterest with all your favorite Pins?

The reality is that everyone dreams of what they would change about their home and everyone feels the impact of their environment, but RIGHT NOW is the best time to do something about it. Don't get bogged down with "what's the market saying" or "who is going to be elected". Take your vision, thoughts and dreams about your home and make them reality. In a year you will wish you had started it today and in a year it will cost more to create your vision.....so get moving! Don't allow resistance to keep you staring at that ONE THING that you keep wanting to change about your Home.

Send me an email request today at http://broderickbuilders.com/v1/contact-nashville-remodeling.php and we will set up a meeting in the next week to start your plan. If you prefer to call, our number is 615.385.3210. Nashville is a great place to live, make your home the same way!!

The Broderick Builders Team

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outlook for Remodeling Costs and Planning

Today's economy has given us many challenges with what to buy, where to spend your money and how much do I hang onto. We all have to make those personal financial decisions and it can be difficult at times. When you are considering upgrading to a new house or remodeling the one you currently have, here are a few things to think about. Do you like your neighborhood? Are home values steady where you live? Well, a few things are true with residential remodeling.....home values will bounce back and homes will start selling again, kitchens and baths are your best investment and costs to remodel will continue to go up. The background costs for remodeling such as environmental restrictions, local permits and regulations and the simple cost of doing business are constantly moving up. The materials may fluctuate based on various situations like demand, natural disasters and fuel costs but overall there is no better time than now to remodel or repair any issues you may have with your home. If you have considered an upgrade to your kitchen, master bath or just want to add an outdoor living space, then now is the time to act. And remember, always choose the right Contractor to handle the job efficiently and effectively so you will love either project for years to come!!! Cheers!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mortgage Settlement

Tennessee will be receiving $146 million from this settlement.

Monday, November 28, 2011

ICoat Concrete Countertops

This concept of concrete countertops and decorative concrete in general is picking up steam. if you want to know how to create them, then check out this link below if you're in the Nashville area.

A quick How-To on hanging Pendant Lights

if you don't want to do this on your own, call us at 615.385.3210 in Nashville and we will add lighting for you.


Realty Times - Real Estate Outlook: Existing-Home Sales Improve

Optimism in the Market!!!
Realty Times - Real Estate Outlook: Existing-Home Sales Improve

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Fed Says...

Well, it seems the silver lining of the economic pinch continues to be that interest rates are at record lows...and the outlook is that they will stay that way for a while longer.